This book is partly a history book and also a personal diary. As these two parts weave together, one will see the divine presence and the secrets of life that have helped Viet survive throughout his life. He had to rely on the protection of his ancestors and the help of the Guardian Angels - the kind and generous people - that God would send him along the way. Most importantly, he has had to look up to his loving God and a higher purpose to stay alive and move forward each day. 


Hence, his Memoir has taken the title "Living for a Higher Purpose." The book will guide its readers through many stories of Viet's life and eventually help them figure out what that higher purpose is. It also discusses many popular, current issues such as war and its victims, refugees and their life challenges, life under a Communist regime, core curriculum, how the world views America, the relationship between Catholicism (Christianity) and Buddhism, and much more.





First of all, there is a great need and demand for personal prayer book. People are hungry to be spiritually fed and nourished. They might not like to go to church regularly, but they sure want to maintain a personal relationship with God and a good faith life on their own.

Second, this Prayer Book is extraordinarily different from a typical one. It uses a different format that appeals to the people of our current culture who has a busy life and low attention span. Yet, the Book is deeply rooted in Scriptures and Christian Tradition. It is also designed to give a short, easy reading for each day throughout the year. Its daily example and reflection is current and realistic that it readers could understand and relate to it.

Finally, this Prayer Book has an additional purpose. That is, it would like to help its readers to work on certain characters that would make them feel good and strong about themselves and their faith in this anti-faith and challenging world. Its readers have an exercise each day to help them work on those personal qualities. That is why I have come up with this format of praying that is rooted in Holy Scriptures, daily issues, personal experiences, character-building, and practical Spiritual exercises. The format is designed to be self-reflecting, easy reading, and hopefully helping each person to work on those essential qualities while spending some quiet time in the presence of Jesus.


About the Title of the Book “Lord Jesus, I want to see…,” I chose it after some prayerful reflection on the miracles that Jesus did for the public during His ministry and all the problems that our world is facing right now. Like a blind, our world does not seem to see what is wrong with it now or know how to deal with its current problems. Besides, many children whom I asked during my homilies told me that blindness is much more difficult to endure compared to other problems such as deaf, mute, paralysis, leprosy, etc. That is how I came up with the Book Title. Hopefully, our Lord Jesus will heal the Spiritual blindness of our world and let you see things in your life with a better vision. May you also grow closer to Him and accumulate lots of great personal qualities each day as you try to become a better Christian in this challenging world.



Many Children and families nowadays find it difficult to memorize traditional prayers. They are so busy with sports, computer games, friends, and social life. Moreover, they get bombarded by lots of bad influences by our faith-free society and temptations by the power of darkness around them. Realizing those challenges facing our Children and families these days and hoping to give our parents a hand in fostering a strong faith life and a good prayer habit, I have come up with this Prayer Book for Children and Family. It is designed for Children to use on their own Weekly or Family to pray with them as a unit. One would start out the week by praying on Sunday with a special topic, reflecting on it with a Bible Story, listening to Jesus talk about it, and then practicing it with a concrete action throughout the Week.


For a month that has a Fifth Week, one would go to a special section of the Prayer Book called “The Fifth Week of the Month” and use it as a regular month throughout the year. I have come up with this new way of Weekly Praying that is simple, personal, relatable, character-building, and suitable to a busy life for our Children and Family in the modern time.


The Weekly Prayer Book not only helps our Children and Family begin the Week on a right note but also encourages them to work on some specific topic and attribute such as Friend, Teacher, Faith, Love, Generous, Forgiving, Thankful, and so on. If we have watched the news and had a personal encounter with our young, we would have to admit that they are in desperate need of character building and moral guidance to help create good citizens and a healthy society for the next generation. Unfortunately, due to political correctness and other social trends, the moral characters and great personal attributes have taken the back seat to other qualities such as appearances, charm, glamor, fame, social status, and possessions. We got to demand and encourage our Children of this great nation and future generations to work on and acquire those qualities and other moral characteristics for the sake of their well-being and happiness. Finally, gone are the days that we can demand and require our Children to memorize and recite all the Traditional Prayers. After reflecting on everything I shared above and seeing the needs of God’s Children in my twenty years of serving them and their families in parishes and ten years of seminary training, I have come up with this format of praying that is rooted in Holy Scriptures, daily topics, personal experiences, character-building, and practical spiritual exercises. The format is designed to be self-reflecting, easy reading, and hopefully helping each child to work on those important qualities while spending time in the presence of Jesus.


About the Title of the Book “Lord Jesus, I want to see…,” I chose it after some prayerful reflection on the miracles that Jesus did for the public during His ministry and all the problems that our Children are facing right now. Like a blind, our Children do not seem to see what is right or wrong in our confusing world these days. Besides, many Children whom I asked during my homilies told me that blindness is much more difficult to endure compared to other problems such as deaf, mute, paralysis, leprosy, and so on. That is how I came up with the Title of the Book. Hopefully, our Lord Jesus will heal the Spiritual blindness of our Children and Family and let them see things in their lives with a better vision. May they also grow closer to Him and acquire lots of wonderful personal qualities each day as they try to become a better Christian in this challenging world.




THE ADVENTURE WITH MY BLANKY “MYLAR” is the story that reflects the condition of our time as the children have to face many life challenges. They have to deal with the family situations of their families such as single parent or poor economic conditions. They also have to confront bad, mean, selfish, and 

unkind people who teach them bad values and make their lives miserable. They have to face the political fights that the adults create out of evil intentions. But, their families can help them be the source of goodness and kindness to the world and triumph over any challenge or evil power.

Juan is raised by a single mother, who might not be able to buy him everything, but gives him love and good values to be a good person and a positive influence to everyone around him. She teaches him to “be kind and be the light” to the world. He uses that lesson to fight for the weak and stand up to the strong. He is changed from a shy boy to a confident and caring leader. He relies on a simple gift that his mother gives him, a blanky of love, and some magical power given to him from above to bring freedom and justice to the world. He might not be able change the world overnight, but together with his friends he tries to correct all the unfair things around him and make a difference in the world.


This story gives hope to the children and encourages them to be the agents of kindness and positive change in the world. For children are indeed the hope and future of our families and planet!


This book attempts to address some of the important issues for our children: from Covid-19 pandemic to global warming and climate change, from discrimination and bullying to welcoming and friendship, or from schooling to summer camp. All those issues can be resolved in an open-minded, creative, supportive, trusting, challenging, and fun environment like a summer camp. As someone who had a positive experience in camping with the young, I want to use a camp setting to bring the young together to resolve the important issues of their time. The camp helps foster a healthy bond of friendship that can give an individual strength to do incredible things and encouragement to overcome any life challenge. I hope this story will give the young confidence and encouragement to do the right things for themselves, people around them, and the world. We need them to make our world a better place. Happy camping, everyone!




The Book “Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Daily Delight at the Divine Coffee House” is written to inspire and encourage you with uplifting and wise messages of world-wide well-known people. Every morning we wake ourselves up with a cup of coffee or latte with its intoxicating aroma to help push us along with our daily tasks. In the middle of the day, we might pick up a cup of tea to calm our nerves down and help us finish up our day. As we go through this daily routine and rely on those external stimulants to get us through our day, I imagine how much more our spirit might need encouragement to stay focused and get inspired each day. That is how I have come up with the concept of having two sayings each day for this book. One is to inspire us like coffee or latte in the morning while another like tea to give us some wisdom to help us face our daily decisions with confidence. I give context and a short interpretation of each saying before wrapping it into a small package with either a bow called In-Flavor (Inspiration Flavor) or a bow Wi-Flavor (Wisdom Flavor). Then, I help mix that flavor and turn it into Inspiration Coffee or Wisdom Tea for you to enjoy each day.




Every day, we awaken to the wonderful, rich aroma of coffee, providing a gentle push to make it through the morning rush. In the afternoon, as our bodies begin to tire, we look to tea to calm our nerves and help us finish our daily tasks. Those much-needed infusions of energy keep our bodies going. But, what about our minds? Our spirits? How do we give them the encouragement they need to stay inspired, focused, and joyful?


In Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea for a Hectic Day, Reverend Peter Vu offers his answer in a collection of inclusive, uplifting, and wisdom-filled messages. For each "hectic day" of the year, there are two thought-provoking quotes, along with a short and encouraging interpretation of each, to boost our mood, mirth, spirit, and sense of purpose, especially during this stressful time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regardless of who we are and where we come from, we are all part of one human family, and if we can learn to help each other out, not only will our world become a kinder place, but we will also feel much better about ourselves. Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea for a Hectic Day provides the blueprint for that reconnection, teaching us to fine-tune our characters and become better people - no matter where the "hectic day" might take us.


Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their children and family everyday. They would do anything to give their children a happy and healthy upbringing. Some might have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet for their family. Their immense love and tremendous sacrifices often go unnoticed and get minimum acknowledgement only on Mother's Day and Father's Day.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have praised the nurses and healthcare workers for their courage and dedication and called them "Heroes." But, for me, parents are the real heroes! These " Daily Heroes" have inspired me to write this Children's Book "The Will and the Way of a Mother" to highlight and help us remember the great sacrifices that mothers/parents have made for their families.

In spite of the challenges and misfortunes that a wild dog mother, Zoey has to face, she relies on her strong will and determination to find ways to protect her family and raise them to be strong and courageous member like her. Zoey lost her husband/partner while she has a young litter and a group of rambunctious teenagers. She has no help other than her strong will and some luck from the higher power to get her through the tough time. Against all odds, she is able to keep all her young pups safe to adulthood and manage to get her teenagers to do the right things for their families. I hope her story will inspire all mothers/parents, especially single mothers/parents, to keep their chin up and rely on the help from people around them and the higher power to overcome their life challenges and raise a healthy and happy family.



Like our daily coffee and tea, I try to keep the two daily sayings and their reflections short and sweet. This book is designed to give us a quick spiritual boost as we try to run from one task to another in our busy schedule. Although the short-term goal of this book is to help us get through each day with joy and purpose, its long-term focus is to fine tune our characters and make us better people at home, at work, at worshiping place, in the neighborhood, and in other places. We need to talk and act differently than what we see on the news or witness in our world every day. When we can do that, we help change the world one person at the time and others hopefully will follow our example. This transformation will not only make our world a better place but also make us feel much better about ourselves.


Another reason for me to write this book is because I have observed many decent people who might not be quite religious and have strong belief on certain values want to share them with the world every chance possible. The best way for them to do that is putting one of those values in a short saying at the bottom of their signatures or under a logo of a company. Check that out for yourself! In fact, I have seen two recent television interviews that people have quoted the sayings of inspiring figures who have changed their lives or helped them made important decisions. Furthermore, many of us enjoy reading a short message from the fortune cookie, which often makes us pause and think a little bit. That is what I hope this book would help us do each day, just to pause for a few minutes and think about those two daily sayings.


Finally, we have seen how national identity has been emphasized all over the world and turned people against one another. The truth is that we all belong to one human family regardless of our races and religions. We need to learn to get along and help out one another.

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