Living for a Higher Purpose: Story of a City Boy Who Survived the Viet Nam War by Living for Jesus and Others by Peter Gia Vu is a painful yet liberating tale of surviving the carnage and horrors of the Viet Nam War. Young Viet moves to the US where, as a refugee, he has to learn English and adapt to a completely new culture and environment. Follow him as he struggles with loneliness, a disturbing sense of despair, and discrimination. But he forges on, searching for his purpose in life. He hears God’s call to the priesthood and enters the Seminary. After studying for ten years, Viet was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

In this memoir, the author shares the story of a boy who escapes from a homeland broken by a communist regime, enduring hunger and thirst, facing dangers, and living through life-threatening situations. But the US wasn’t the paradise that many had spoken about. It was a land with its own challenges. But what made Viet endure all these challenges? Where did his strength come from? In this memoir, the author explores the theme of war and shows readers that in the midst of our suffering, there is the liberating joy of living for others and for something higher than ourselves. For him, it is the priesthood. The story is written in a voice that is ruthlessly honest, capturing scenes that are emotionally intense and heartbreaking. Peter Gia Vu is a wonderful writer and he shares Viet’s story in a voice that is captivating and allows readers to see the world from the eyes of a war-survivor-turned-priest. Living for a Higher Purpose invites readers to look beyond themselves to find joy and meaning in the service of others.

         “Living for a Higher Purpose”

 Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

                    Review Rating: 5 Stars





Every day as we look at the news or read a social media feed, we are challenged with all kinds of disasters and mayhem. Most of us seek out the good, positive, inspirational parts of life to keep us going and focused within the world that we live in while others succumb to the negative energy that surrounds them. In the devotional book, Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Daily Delights at the Divine Coffeehouse by Peter G. Vu, the reader will be inspired with twelve months of daily wisdom to help them navigate any situation or circumstance. Each day you will be jumpstarted, like with your favorite latte or coffee, with scriptures taken from the New American Bible (NAB), words of inspiration, quotes from some of the greatest philosophers and teachers, and prayer. This is a book of purpose and passion with a plan to set you on a pathway to wholeness. Or you can use the index within the book to locate a specific need that will still offer the resources to help you to tackle the day.

I enjoyed this book because it represented everyone by offering the mustard seed that we all need to keep going. In Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Daily Delights at the Divine Coffeehouse, Peter G. Vu utilizes his In-Flavor (Inspiration Flavor), Inspiration Coffee, Wi-Flavor (Wisdom Flavor) and Wisdom Tea principles that give you the manna in bite sizes to inspire love, joy, and happiness. It has been stated that what you embrace or absorb each second, minute, hour and day gradually becomes a part of you. Let this book become a part of your routine as you read the scriptures, quotes, inspiration, and words of wisdom each day.

“Inspiration Coffee & Wisdom Tea: Daily Delights at the Coffee House”

Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

                         Review Rating: 4 Stars



Summer Camp March by Peter G. Vu is an exciting book for children about various topics. He deals with bullying, social injustice, the environment, fear, and confidence. Using crabs as the stars of the book, Peter tackles the pandemic, the loss of loved ones, and natural disasters. Parents should be involved in the reading of Summer Camp March as the work provides a great jumping-off point for starting conversations on various complex topics. The work includes information about animals that many readers will never have heard of, those which are facing extinction. Peter has developed the work so that parents can use this book to discuss tough topics with their children, and the book will both entertain and educate. What results is a real home run among children’s books.

Peter G. Vu has authored a hit with Summer Camp March. He combines a love for nature with love for others as he teaches children that they can do anything they want to by working as a unit. He calls for unity despite differences. His writing is exciting and simple enough for children to stay engaged. Children will learn about overcoming fear, avoiding being bullied, the power of working together, and developing confidence. In this time of turmoil, this book is a must-read. Parents can use Vu’s words as a starting point to learn how to protect the environment. In addition, they can teach geography as they teach their children where animals and plants live. Summer Camp March is a powerful learning tool for parents to share with their children.

                     “Summer Camp March”

Reviewed by Daniel D Staats for Readers’ Favorite


This personal account demonstrates the strength of genuine faith and how God's love for each of us provides guidance for true purpose in life. Discarding selfishness and embracing a life of service to God and others provides unimaginable joy. Most of us live a life of privilege in the United States and Viet's experiences illuminate this in dramatic fashion. God Bless.

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